Intelligent Kicks

–» Doesn’t kick # signs even if it has punctuation marks (i.e. #?! or #,. etc.).
–» Doesn’t kick if the word with the # sign is the same as the channel they’re on, even if it has punctuation marks (i.e. #makati?! or #makati,.. etc.).
–» Only kicks if it detects a hotlink to other channels.
–» On the “Bad Swear” and “Unallowed Word(s)” triggers, enter the exact trigger words on the edit box and save it. The script will kick users who say the exact word. For example, if the word “seb” is on your Unallowed Word(s) trigger list, the script won’t kick users who say “sebo”. It will only kick those who exactly say “seb” with or without punctuation marks (i.e. seb?!). You can add as many triggers as you want but only words with alphabet characters.

Intelligent Bans

–» On the offensive nick/ident triggers, enter the words you don’t like to see on a nick. It doesn’t
have to be the exact nick. If the script detects that word on a user’s nick or ident, it will BAN the
trigger word on the channel where it is activated. Example, if you entered the word “4hire” on
the offensive nick/ident triggers list and enabled this protection on #makati, when the nick
“girl4hire” enters the channel, it will be kicked and banned as +b *4hire*!*@* so that when the
user changes her nick, she immediatly can enter back the chatroom. The script doesn’t ban the
IP address alone (no type 2 ban) since if he/she is in a cafe, all the other users on that cafe
can be kicked out too if there is a ban enforcer active on that channel.

Common Channel Protections

–» Text repeats, Text flood, Long text, Excessive Clones, Excessive Caps, Public and
private Ads, Join-part flood, Blocked filesends, CTCP Exploits, Lame tricks, Private
message spam, decode virus, Trojan/Virus/Worm Infected, Excess Flood bans, CS
Invites, Violators kick, Ban enforcer, Nick flood, and Botnet flood protection.

–» Easy to configure Channel Setup dialog. Configure your desired protections on each
channel you add. You can also customize your kick messages for each protection.

–» Spam Ignorer: Will block all incomming spam messages. Note that if a query window
is already open, it will no longer detect spam triggers.

–» Friends List and Exemption: Keep your list of friends whom you don’t want to be
blocked from messaging you and whom you want to be exempted from your autokicks
if your exemption for friends is turned ON.


Add-Ons (Written by other coders)

–» MemoExpress (|Legend|)
–» AntiSpam Bot (toucan)
–» Blacklist Editor (lite)
–» Nonsense Nick remover (lite)
–» MP3 Player (ScoopScript)
–» Log Viewer (Sabby)
–» Secure Query (KnightFal)

* All the add-ons were re-coded to provide proper
interaction with other RAVE features.

If you have a good add-on which you would like to include in
the next release of RAVE, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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